LV1 Wrist Wraps 16"

RM75.00 MYR

Joined® LV1 Wrist Wraps 16"

“Prevention is better than cure”

We take performance seriously because we know it matters.

Heavy lifting can cause discomfort and unwanted pressure on joints. Unwanted injuries may damper performance cause prolonged damage to joints.
You can always count on the JOINED Wrist wraps for superior support and protection for your joints during your heavy lifts. 

  • Expect only the best, as the Joined Wrist Wraps are the first-born of the Joined brand’s foray into the fitness scene 
  • Designed with Thumb loops for easier wrapping around the wrist
  • 6” oversized Velcro for easy adjustments and a strong fastening of the wrap
  • 16” long wrap to ensure sufficient number of wraps around the wrist for ultimate support
  • Light flexibility, perfect for street workout and weight lifting

    Material: Elastic Cotton 

    One Size Fit All

    Sold as pair