Why walk, train or grow alone? When we can do it together!

What is #TJFAM? 

Fitness training can often feel like a battleground, with ongoing obstacles, but you don’t walk this path alone! #TJFAM is  a community of like-minded individuals working on our mission to inspire others around us. Training together by providing the most supportive and welcoming environment.

Who we are

TeamJoined was formed by a group who has a passion for fitness and a zeal for healthy living back in 2016. Our family started small and has since grown and expanded to countries all over the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

The TeamJoined’s iconic shield logo is a reminder that we are here to support you. So no matter your experience or goals - TeamJoined has got your back!

What we do

We build the equipment that helps you navigate through your workout journey, including durable wrist wraps, high performance lifting belts, functional training clothing, and athleisure accessories for your daily lifestyle.

Our promise

Quality first - TeamJoined’s product development goes through a robust design and checking process. No matter it’s deciding on materials, reassessing functionality, or testing prototypes, no product is dispatched without confirming it is of high quality. We stand by our standards and our #TJFAM trust us to continue doing so.

Community support - Our community of athletes has contributed to TeamJoined’s success and they continue to support us by providing informative content about all things healthy living. No matter your fitness interests or where you are located, when you are apart of the #TJfam, we’ve got you covered.