8MM Aniline Leather Lifting Belt

RM455.00 MYR

Joined® Aniline Leather Lifting Belt


For those live with the soul of bodybuilding. And strive to living up to the NEXT LEVEL.


Adequate hardness and thickness to remind you tighten your core.

Increasing the stability during the lifts for the better performance.

-The Premium version Lifting Belt-

Thicker but lighter than the 5MM Lifting Belts, for those are willing to dedicate and evolve to the next level-

  • 8MM Thickness | 8 Holes
  • Made with luxurious Aniline leather
  • Fits your body perfectly, easy to carry
  • Tradition iron buckle, adjust accordingly to your waist quick & easy
  • High-end All black design with the exquisite embroidery Joined Full Logo