Joined® x BTW 5MM Aniline Leather Lifting Belt

RM473.00 MYR

Born To Win X TeamJoined Cross-Border Collaboration – Born to unite, born to triumph.

United as one, solely to surpass yesterday's self, Born 2 Joined embodies the core spirit of both brands.Stabilize your core, face changes without fear, providing you with robust support.


  •  Born 2 Joined integrates the spirit of both brands
  •  Skin-friendly suede lining
  •  TeamJoined X BORNTOWIN matching prints.
  •  5MM Thickness | 8 Holes
  •  Top-grade leather, benzene-dyed, provides a high-quality
  •  Moderate softness and lightweight
  •  Tradition iron buckle, adjust accordingly to your waist quick & easy

*Minimum waist size for this belt is approximately 26".