Scuba Oversized

$70.00 SGD

 Space-High Freeness

Unique functional fibers giving that lightweight, space-age feel in our latest Oversized Tee has a whole new design on a classic look. The Tee has the timeless old-school streetwear style that guarantees you standing out from the crowd with its low shoulder cut, long rounded hem and the new eye-catching 3D logo.


  • Innovative space cotton that perfectly fits your body.
  • The one true "Lightweight Baby' that is soft and comfortable
  • Perfect fitting for all body types, no matter you are cutting or bulking
  • Drop shoulder cut, smooth neck and cuff with the long rounded hem showing your inverted triangle
  • Vibrant and new 3D anti-sublimation printing logo

Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex "Wash Cold, Hang Dry"
Model: 173cm, 80kg, Wearing Size L

**NOTICE for Scuba Space Series **
Scuba Space series products are made of lightweight functional materials.
PLEASE AVOID friction and contact with velcro and sharp objects.