Joined® x BTW PRO Bench Press Wraps

$45.00 SGD $55.00

Born To Win, a cross-border collaboration, offers you a competition-grade, formidable support!

United for victory, Born 2 Joined integrates the spirits of both brands.Constructed with high-tenacity fibers, providing a sturdy texture and top-notch support and protection.The 26" long design allows for meticulous and secure wrapping, delivering a robust and enveloping sensation.Essential for powerlifting competitions and breaking training personal records, challenge yourself and achieve excellence.Upgraded silicone straps with increased durability and Velcro for enhanced strength.


  •  Born 2 Joined merges the spirits of both brands
  •  26" length for extra joint protection
  •  Suitable for high intensity training
  •  Made with competition-grade elastic fibers for extra tough texture and coverage
  •  Can do multiple wraps for support
  •  Silicone straps
  •  Velcro buckle for optimization
  •  Dual-brand logo patches

*One-Size fits all, sold in PAIR*