Joined® x BTW Flame Curved Hem Stage Shorts

$90.00 SGD

Ignite the competition stage with a fiery display of muscle prowess, fueling exhilarating moments that set your blood ablaze.


  •  TeamJoined x Born To Win
  •  Interweaving dual brand logos
  •  18'' knee-length narrowing (curved hem) for comfortable leg fit
  •  Exclusive physique for fitness enthusiasts
  •  Precision-designed pants revealing the hip waist
  •  3D-seamed pant head, adhering to every inch of the skin
  •  Equipped with an adjustable cord system, securing the waist for flawless posing.
  •  Four-way strech
  •  Water-repellent technology
  •  Elastic mesh pocket at the waist

Material: 65%Cotton, 35%Sorona "Wash Cold, Hang Dry"