Authentic Women Gradient Tank

$30.00 SGD $50.00

A Gradient Expression

Express your true self through our brand new gradient range. Wide shoulder design to allow for full movement capability alongside optimal comfort. And just how everyone is different and unique, so too is every single piece of our gradient collection. So let the unique you shine!


  • Wide shoulder design
  • Rear U cut design
  • 3D Logo printing
  • Gradient design from white to coloured
  • Available in pink and black variant
  • Individual dyed, every piece is uniquely coloured!
  • Skin-friendly, breathable fabric

Material: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

“Wash Cold, Hang Dry”


Grey - 168 cm 51 kg, Wears S

Pink - 160cm 52kg wears XS

Washed series washing method requires special attention.
Ensure to wash separately from light-coloured clothing.
It is common for there to be decolorization after the first few washes.
After approximately 3 washes, colour will stabilize.