7MM SCR Knee Sleeves

$80.00 SGD

We take performance seriously because we know it matters

The best training and protection nurtures the best performance on your stage. TeamJoined has got you covered with the latest SCR Knee Sleeve that backs you up anywhere from bodybuilding to HIIT training with great protection and support at the knee joint. With the skin-friendly and breathable SCR material, you can get to any depth that you want with great comfort and flexibility.


  • 7mm of SCR that ensures the greatest protection
  • Contoured fit with great breathability
  • Splicing design to create color clash that suits mordern aesthics
  • Sufficient warmth to prevent and protect against muscle strains, wear and tear injuries
  • See an increase in your form with superior joint stability and safety

Material: 85% SCR, 15% Nylon

**Sold as a PAIR**