Now that we have covered how to pick your ideal rope and where to skip for the best effects, let's dive into how to incorporate a jump rope workout into your routine! If you are brand new to jump rope, make sure to check out our previous 101 tutorial for the ultimate 'Jump Start'.

The 5 steps to start skipping

Here are the five simple steps to get started.

1 – Hang the rope behind your foot

2 – Try swinging the rope up from the back with mostly your forearm. Tuck your elbows by the side of your body and slightly behind the body line from the side. Stop the rope at your heel with your toes up.

3 – After getting used to rope movement, you can now try to do a basic jump (jump over the rope with both feet) to jump over the rope and add a little pause in the middle of the rope cycle (the rope is above your head) to get used to the slower rhythm and movement.

*Remember to land on your toes (the balls of your feet) and not your heels to
1) Get bouncy and
2) Avoid hurting your knees by giving cushion to it.

4 – Now, you can jump without stopping it and create a momentum at slow-paced jump rope.Think about pushing the ground away from you. Jump at your own pace and no need to rush. Keep the whole process low, no need to jump high now. Hold your body at the neutral position with core muscles activated, try to stay balanced.

5 – You are already comfortable after a few practices on jump rope. Now is time for some skipping (a faster-paced single leg jumping). Start skipping over the rope with one foot only, while bringing the other one up in mid-air. Lift it in front of your body, don’t kick back because you will trip yourself! For each cycle, take turns to land on alternate foot. Shift your body from side to side to feel the balance. When you have mastered skipping you can speed it up and ready to add different tricks into your jump rope journey.

Beginner’s Jump Rope Workout

So now you have learned how to jump rope. Do you wanna get this exercise into your routine? Here are some exercises that you can do according to your needs.

First you would like to start with some dynamic warmups. Check out healthline’s article discussing the benefits of doing a dynamic warm up, and here to check out some examples from Redefining Strength for some ideas. They provide great visual aids on doing the workout so that you can follow them easily.

Now here are some basic style that you can start playing with:

  • Basic Jump: Jump over with both legs slowly with a pause
  • Fast Jump: Basic Jump in a fast pace without a pause
  • Fast Skip: Basic Skip with fast pace with shuffling feet
  • Double-under: Fast jump with 2 cycles in jump
  • Note: Try to avoid swinging with the whole arm, jumping too high or legs are apart from each other like below, these are bad forms~

Here are a few scenarios that you could incorporate jumping rope into your routine:

  • If you wanna do jump rope as your warm up:
    • 30s basic jumps + 30s rest x 5
  • If you wanna do Jump Rope For Weight Loss/Aerobics:
    • Warm Up - 30 secs basic jumps + 30 rest x 5
    • Working set - 1’30 fast jump/skip with tricks of your choice + 1’30 rest x5
    • Cool down - Do some static stretching

*Repeat the working set for 5 times, add or reduce based on your level of fitness. Do not have to stress it too much, just play around with the tricks and keep it fun and enjoyable~

Best Jump Rope workout planning idea for complete newbies:

Warm UpsDo some dynamic stretchings 

Working set (example):

30sec fast skips 30secs rest

30sec push ups 30 secs rest

30sec fast skips 30sec rest

30sec squat jumps 30sec rest

^Repeat the working set 4 times, with 2 mins rest in between sets

*it is an example of how to skip in an interval training, mix different exercises that you like into the set

Cool down - Do some static stretching to cool yourself down and release the muscles

These are some ideas of how you can start jumping with your rope, be creative and see what jump rope can bring you to!!

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