Build724 X-Pac Pro

$230.00 SGD

Carry your training to the Pro level

Introducing the Build724 X-Pac PRO, the ultimate backpack for all your fitness and outdoor adventures. Made with water-resistant and tear-resistant CODURA fabric and a 100% water-impassable X-Pac top layer, it's designed to handle any environment. With a larger capacity than the original Build724 X-Pac, it's your perfect training partner for all your gear so you can skip the hustle for packing. Get ready to take on any challenge with the Build724 X-Pac PRO.

  • Superior capacity yet maintaining the lightweight
  • Larger multi-layer storage pockets for extra packing
  • Military-grade CODURA fabric
  • X-PAC's special waterproof layer and waterproof zippers
  • Magnetic quick-release buckle for easy adjustments
  • Waist belt storage design for added convenience
  • Breathable mesh design on the straps with thick foam padding
  • Internal and external bottle holders
  • Front-side zipper opening for intuitive access stored items
  • Extra capacity compared to Build724 X-Pac

Dimension: L 29cm, D 18cm, H 52.5cm, 28L