Joined® Lifting Gear

Dip Belt

$55.00 SGD
Color: Black

Bring on the dips!

We are always eager to keep supporting and pushing our TeamJoined fam to achieve their potential, and so wanted to release some new gear to help. Introducing our Dip Belt, a widened back design for support and rigid iron chain and carabiner, ideal for when you want to take your dips and other weight bearing exercises to the next level. So if you are one who loves some heavy weight resistance training, this will be your new indespensable partner.


  • High toughness rubber

  • Widened back design to fit comfortably

  • Rigid iron chain and carabiner to fasten load

  • Able to easily control swing of chain, for improved stability of motion

  • Suitable for bar supports, pull ups and other weight bearing movements


EVA, Polyester, Iron


Belt|Length 84cm X Width 11cmTorso Pad|Length 35 cm X Width 16 cmLoaded Chain|Length 104 cm

One-size fits all

The length of the load suspension can be adjusted by passing the chain through the D-ring

Precautions for first time use

It is normal for the inner side to be discolored and smudged due to sweat.When using it for the first time, you can wear dark clothes to avoid color contamination..Decolorization will gradually decrease with increasing use after cleaning.After use, place in a ventilated open are to dry in the shade.Avoid contact with water and keep dry for longer lifespan.

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