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10MM Leather Lever Belt
RM375.00 MYR RM390.00 MYR
7MM SBR Knee Sleeves
From RM120.00 MYR RM150.00 MYR
5MM Bench Elbow Sleeve
RM120.00 MYR RM150.00 MYR
PL Wrist Wraps 20"/26"
RM120.00 MYR
Basic Wrist Wraps
RM90.00 MYR
10MM Premium Lever Belt
RM465.00 MYR
Non-Slip LV2 Hip Band
RM60.00 MYR RM90.00 MYR
BB Wrist Wraps 18"
RM90.00 MYR
BB Wrist Wraps 18"
RM105.00 MYR
Non-Slip Lifting Grips
RM165.00 MYR
LV1 Wrist Wraps 16"
RM75.00 MYR
Arciform Neo Lifting Belt
RM165.00 MYR
Leather Lifting Belt
RM330.00 MYR RM390.00 MYR
Lifting Grips
RM150.00 MYR RM165.00 MYR
Heavy Duty Squat Sleeve
From RM165.00 MYR RM210.00 MYR
PRO Bench Press Wraps
RM165.00 MYR
8MM Aniline Leather Lifting Belt
RM300.00 MYR RM360.00 MYR
Deadlift Shoes
RM195.00 MYR
Hip Band LV1
RM60.00 MYR RM75.00 MYR
13mm Premium Lever Belt
RM525.00 MYR
Nylon Jacquard Non-Slip Hip Band Bundle
RM195.00 MYR RM255.00 MYR
Hip Band LV2
RM60.00 MYR RM75.00 MYR
Fabric Resistance Band LV2
RM105.00 MYR
4mm Fabric Long Resistance Band 3-Level Kit
RM165.00 MYR